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Northeast Utilities Corporate Governance


Northeast Utilities has long recognized the need for strong corporate governance. These documents define the roles and obligations of NU’s Board of Trustees and its Committees in leading NU and advancing the interests of all our stakeholders---our investors, our customers and our employees. Also included are our Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers, our Related Party Transaction Policy, our Standards of Business Conduct applicable to Trustees, officers and all employees and our Disclosure Policy, which ensures fair and transparent release of our financial information.

Corporate Governance Guidelines
Define the role of the Board of Trustees and Management, describe Trustee qualifications, set Trustee independence guidelines, and ensure Trustee access to management and independent advisors.

Board of Trustee Information
Provides biographical information about our Trustees.

Committee Members
Provides information about current Committee assignments. The NU Board presently has five Committees: Audit, Compensation, Corporate Governance, Executive and Finance.

Committee Charters
Contains the Charters of the five Board Committees.

Board of Trustees Independence Guidelines
The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) requires NU, as a listed company, to maintain a Board the majority of whose members are “independent” under its rules. NU’s Independence Guidelines meet or exceed those of the NYSE, and all non-management members of the Board meet those requirements.

Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers
Provides ethical guidelines for the conduct of our most senior financial officers, which includes the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the Controller.

Related Party Transactions Policy
Governs transactions between related parties, including NU trustees and executive officers, and NU and its subsidiaries.

Code of Business Conduct (CBC) (1449KB)
Applicable to all NU officers, Trustees, employees, contractors and agents and outlines both our legal obligations and establishes expectations when the law does not provide clear guidance.

Disclosure Policy (24KB)
Sets forth our policies with respect to providing financial and other material information to our investors on a fair and transparent basis.

Last updated as of 5/1/14

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